Bitlook DriftMeat

Bitlook DriftMeat

Picnic with Drifting


Bitlook DriftMeat

An open drift picnic where you can fry meat, ride and chat with pilots and drift organizers, and just have a nice and fun weekend! Nothing serious! Nothing official! We just fry meat, ride and communicate! Everything gonna be drift!

Idea: Sergey Sytar (2014)

Become a partner: +38 097 755 7500

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Автодром Чайка Gril Bar Bacon Bitlook Coffee Spot - мобільна кав'ярня

If you have a RWD car

Come train/learn to drift and grill your tires!

Driver cost (5 hours) $65

Drivers registration

If you have friends

Come watch the drift and fry the meat!

Spectator cost FREE!

If you want to ride as a passenger

During training, you will be able to ride a drift taxi!

Drift taxi cost $15 per lap

Drift Taxi Booking


Chayka Autodrome


Each car must be equipped with an exhaust system that does not exceed a noise level of 100 dB.

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher in the car! Fire extinguisher near every barbecue!


Obligatory helmet for the driver and passenger! If the helmet is open, the windows are closed!

Seat belts

The seat belts must be in good working order!


Low beam headlights on!


No off-track drift! Driving on the track in one direction only! Exit to the track only through the start! In case of a mistake or a malfunction - leave the track immediately!

Remember - Safety First!

Event history

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Created by Serhii Sytar