Sergey Furtuna


My grandpa had a Zhiguli and I like it since childhood




Date of birth

1996 May, 19
Cahul, Moldova




In the debut season, Sergey Furtuna took part in three series and immediately showed the result

I have loved technics since childhood. I like to turn nuts, pick under the hood, repair and improve units. The first my wheels were a motor scooter, on which I rode on the rear wheel, doing stuntriding.

In 2016, a VAZ 2101 car was purchased. My grandfather had a "Zhiguli" and I like it since childhood! The car was used like daly car, was dropped and took part in various exhibitions and stance shows!

The first acquaintance with drifting happened in 2019. I've welded diff on the Zhiga and the car goes sideways. First, in the wet, then decided to try dry tarmac and the car did it! There was enough power to spin R13 wheels even in third gear. Skills grew and eventually ran into a lack of power.

In winter, before the 2021 season, a VAZ turbo engine was installed by myself, which opened up the possibility of participating in competitions. The first ride on the new engine was at the Drift Battle by Shevelev, where I managed to take 2nd place in the qualification, but lost in the doubles to a more experienced opponent. However, the partners of the competition appreciated the style and awarded me the title "Batman of the Race". At the First Round of Bitlook Pro-Am Drift managed to qualify for the Top-32 among 59 drivers, but in tandems the opponent's sports experience turned out to be stronger. At this race, I was also noted by the partners of the series and deservedly received the title "Handsome of the race according to Z-Motorsport". Well, the most outstanding result was achieved in the Srakopad Drift Battle series: 2 races, 2 second places, which ensured a confident Championship in the season.

In 2022, only one winter race took place in Ukraine - Bitlook Snow Drift, where they managed to win the qualification and take second place in pair races. A month after the race, Russia invaded Ukraine with a war and motorsport came to a standstill along with the rest of life.

  • 2022

    Bitlook Snow Drift Vice Champion

    2nd: Bitlook Snow Drift 2022 Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2021

    Srakopad Drift Battle Champion of Grassroots

    2nd: Srakopad Drift Battle #2 Kyiv, Ukraine
    "Handsome of the race from Z-Motorsport" Bitlook Pro-Am Drift: Round 1
    2nd: Srakopad Drift Battle #1 Kyiv, Ukraine
    "Batman from GTP Group" Drift Battle #3
    2nd: Drift Battle #3 Qualifier Kyiv, Ukraine


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